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Hair Colour

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Light Golden Brown

For women who want their hair to have dimension and warmth, golden brown is a lovely alternative. It’s a flexible tint that works well with a variety of skin tones and tastes.

Long Waves: A light golden brown hair color can give long, wavy hair additional volume and dimension. The sun-kissed impression that the golden tones provide is ideal for a carefree, beachy style. They also catch the light brilliantly.

Shoulder-Length Bob: A shoulder-length bob that has been cut short and colored light golden brown can seem beautiful and classy. The skin can appear more radiant and healthy with the addition of warm undertones to the hair.

Pixie Cut: A light golden brown hair color can stand out even on short hair. It can give a pixie cut a hint of tenderness and softness, giving it a carefree and impressionably young feel.

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A combination of gold, copper, and red hair colors can add warmth, richness, and brightness to your hair, making it very attractive.

Base color: The foundation of the entire design will be a base color that goes toward copper. Depending on the desired intensity and natural color of your hair
Red Highlights: Throughout your hair, add bright red highlights to provide depth and richness. Depending on your taste, these highlights may vary in strength, from light red hints to more visible streaks.

Using balayage highlights or lowlights to incorporate golden tones. Your hair’s warmth and brightness can be enhanced with gold highlights, which also perfectly balance the red and copper tones.

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Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair color is a rich, warm shade that complements many skin tones and eye colors.

Solid Chocolate Brown: This traditional choice involves dyeing the hair in an even chocolate brown shade. It gives a classic and elegant look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Chocolate Brown Balayage: Balayage is a popular hair coloring technique that involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair for a natural, sun-kissed effect. With chocolate brown balayage, lighter caramel or golden brown highlights are seamlessly blended into the hair for a multi-dimensional look.

Chocolate Brown Ombre: Ombre is another trendy coloring technique where the hair transitions from a darker shade at the roots to a lighter shade towards the ends. A chocolate brown ombre can feature a gradual fade into caramel, chestnut, or even blonde tones for an eye-catching contrast.

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Lilac-Light Purple

A lovely and whimsical look can be achieved with a combination of light purple and violet hair colors. Lilac hair color is a lovely, imaginative tone that can give your appearance an individualistic, ethereal look.

Fair Skin: Purple or lilac hair may make an impact when paired with fair skin tones. It can give the skin a more radiant glow and give the whole look a whimsical or dreamy feel.

Medium Skin Tone: Purple colours work well with medium skin tones, particularly if you have an attraction towards warmer colours. Even if the contrast isn’t as sharp as it would be with fair skin, it can still produce an eye-catching impact.

Dark Skin: When paired with dark skin tones, deep purples can look very beautiful. When combined with the appropriate cosmetics and styling, they can create an eye-catching and powerful look.

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Medium Brown

When it comes to obtaining various hair color looks, women with medium-brown hair have a lot of alternatives. 
Natural Medium Brown: You can get a timeless and classic style by embracing your natural medium brown hair color. Applying a gloss treatment to it might enhance it by adding dimension and sheen.

Balayage: For a naturally sun-kissed look, highlights are hand-painted onto the hair using this popular coloring technique. Warmth and dimension can be added to medium brown hair with caramel or honey-toned balayage highlights.
Ombre: Ombre is the process of combining two distinct hair colors; the roots are usually darker and the ends progressively become lighter. A minor change to caramel or chestnut tones can produce a gorgeous ombre look on medium-brown hair.

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Golden brown

Golden brown hair color can give you a warm, radiant, and natural look.That go with a variety of skin tones. The golden shade of color adds warmth to the hair, creating a vibrant and sun-kissed look.
Golden brown hair often features highlights in varying shades of gold and brown, which reflect the way natural sunlight would lighten the hair. These highlights can add volume and depth to the overall look.
Golden brown hair color is versatile and can be customized to suit different preferences and styles. Whether you prefer a lighter, caramel-toned golden brown or a deeper, chestnut shade, there are many options to choose from.