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Hair Styling

Best Beauty Parlour in Ahmedabad for Unique Hair Styling Services

best ladies beauty parlour in Ahmedabad for wedding and bridal hair style packages.

Bridal Hair Styles

At Star Beauty Care, the best beauty salon, we understand the importance of your wedding day and work hard to create a bridal hairstyle that not only meets your expectations but also makes a lasting impression on your heart. Count on us to transform aspirations into reality, one stunning knot at a time.

Open Hairstyle with Curls: Most brides prefer to wear their hair loose and groomed in gentle waves or curls. This look is mostly combined with floral arrangements or maang tikka, a type of traditional Indian hair jewellery.

Braid with Flowers: Indian bridal hairstyles often include braids. We insert fresh flowers to decorate them, which adds a touch of smell and natural beauty.

Mehendi Hairstyle: Brides can go for a more carefree and exotic look for the Mehendi ceremonies, such as loose curls or a loose ponytail topped with flowers as decoration.

South Indian Bridal Braid: In South India, brides traditionally wear a long braid embellished with gold hair jewellery called jada billalu and fresh flowers. This look is classic and everlasting.

best ladies beauty parlour in Ahmeadbad for bridal and bridesmaid hair style services.

Bridesmaid Hair Styles

Welcome to Star Beauty Care, the best beauty parlour in Ahmedabad, the heaven of unique hair styles.

Braided Bun: First, we arrange the hair in a traditional braid, and then we tie it into a bun. We usually decorate them with gems, flowers, or hair accessories, depending on your preferences.

Traditional Bun with Gajra: Bridesmaids frequently choose a custom bun embellished with a gajra, a strand of just-picked jasmine flowers. It’s a traditional choice that conveys a message of femininity and grace.

Pinned Updo: This hairstyle requires pinning the hair up into a complex updo that frequently has curls, loops, and twists. For bridesmaids who like to look stylish and perfected, it’s ideal.

Chignon (Choti): The chignon hair style, sometimes known as the Choti, is an elegant hairstyle in which the hair is braided or twisted and knotted at the nape of the head. Depending on the circumstances, this adaptable style can be modern and sophisticated or loose and more messy. For additional creativity, we add some accessories like hairpins, gemstones, or decorative hair clips.

best hair and beauty salon in Ahmedabad for Indian bridal hair style services.

Traditional Hair Styles

Juda: Juda is a type of hairstyle in which we usually place the bun at the back of the neck. We styled the bun in a variety of ways, from a basic bun to a more complex one decorated with curls and twists.

Mughal-inspired Hairstyle: This hairstyle, which draws inspiration from the artistic sensibilities of the Mughal era, often includes extravagant twists, intricate braiding, and the use of expensive hair accessories like passas (headpieces) and jhoomars (side ornaments).

Half-Up, Half-Down: This look pairs the beauty of having some hair down with the sophistication of an updo. It is versatile and suits a range of hair textures and lengths.

Braids (whether plait or poonal) are another traditional Indian hairstyle, and this hair style is highly regarded for its grace and versatility. A single, long hair braid is created with hair divided into three equal sections and carefully weaved together. The braid can be worn in various styles, including several braids, a single plait going down the back, or sophisticated patterns with extra decorations like ribbons or beads. 

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Hair Straightening

With Star Beauty Care’s temporary hair straightening service, you can experience naturally smooth, straight hair. Our professional stylists are here to precisely and carefully transform your hair, whether your aim is to achieve a smooth and sophisticated look for a particular occasion or to manage excessive curls or frizzy hair.

Our temporary hair straightening service uses premium materials and cutting-edge processes to give beautiful results without damaging the health of your hair. Since protecting the natural beauty of your hair is so important, we place a high value on using gentle yet efficient techniques that result in manageable, straight hair.

Throughout the procedure, we put your hair’s health and safety first. To reduce damage and preserve moisture balance, we use nourishing treatments and heat protectants. Not only do we want to achieve gorgeous outcomes, but we also want your hair to feel soft, nourished, and renewed.
Our temporary hair straightening service is the ideal choice, whether you’re getting ready for a particular occasion, want to temporarily change your appearance, or are just in the mood for silky, straight hair.

Enter our salon, where our skilled stylists will work their magic to give you hair that makes heads turn and gives you more confidence with every step.

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Hair Curling

Treat yourself to our temporary hair curling service for a lovely, hassle-free transformation. Whether you want beautiful waves, gorgeous curls, or exciting ringlets, our talented stylists will utilise their tools and expertise to create the look you desire. With the use of high-quality curling irons and techniques tailored to your hair type and preferred results, we’ll make sure your curls look amazing and last longer. Enjoy a little whimsy for a special event, or celebrate effortlessly beautiful curls that show charm and confidence to boost your usual look. Our temporary hair curling procedure will give you a fantastic makeover, making you feel amazing and prepared for the day.

Temporary Results: Unlike with permanent hair curling procedures, with our temporary hair curling process, you can try out different looks without being committed to a lasting transformation. For a particular occasion or event, you can enjoy having your hair attractively curled, and when you choose, you can go back to your natural look.

Hair Health: Throughout the curling process, we put your hair’s health and quality first. We use premium products and procedures to reduce damage, maximise shine, and make your hair easier to manage.

Professional Skill: Our stylists have years of training and experience, which gives them the knowledge and ability to produce beautiful curls that highlight your best features and improve your image as an individual.

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Blow Dry

Experience the expert blow-dry service at the best beauty salon in Ahmedabad. You could transform your ordinary hair style into a gorgeous one. Our talented stylists will assist you in creating the ideal look you desire, whether you’re getting ready for a big occasion, a night out on a date, or just want to treat yourself to a little luxury.
Our talented stylists will work their magic using blow dryers and styling products of the highest quality to get the style you like. Whether you’re more into elegant curls, simple beach waves, or a stylish and glossy finish, we’ll apply the right combination of techniques to get you extra-ordinary results.
Say goodbye to hours of time wasted at home battling with your hair dryer. Our expert blow-dry service produces salon-quality results in a fraction of the time, letting you enjoy the experience.

Our blow-dry service promises that your hair style stays stunning for hours to come, whether you’re attending an important function or just want to look your best every day. Star Beauty Care will help you achieve an appearance that lasts by using the right techniques and products.

Professional Advice: Our stylists’ objective is to make you feel and look your best. We’re here to share our knowledge and make sure you leave our salon feeling gorgeous and confident, from customised hairstyle suggestions to product recommendations.

Make an appointment with best beauty parlour in Ahmedabad right now to experience the difference that salon-calibre style makes for stunning looks and feels.